0-60 Artwork

Personal Project
Light Description

A project that started off as clipart created from real cars and has now grown into a sixty+ car collection that would look cool on t-shirts, posters and stickers.

Project details
Me (personal project)
Digital Illustration / Merchandise Design / Branding
Date Created
3 Months

About the project

0-60 was an art series that I created for the automotive community. Through the pandemic, I wanted to use my time to create a collection of artworks that celebrate cars that I thought are cool. I also wanted to practice pattern-designs at the same time so I paired each car to a graphic.


The graphics turned out to be a great pairing, enabling the car illustrations to be applied to merchandise. The patterns as a whole give a stronger identity to the collection and really separate it from other automotive fan-art.

To tie the entire project together, I created a visual identity and social media assets. The 0-60 brand is now being used to share all my on-going automotive art.

Products Produced

  • 65 individual Car Graphics
  • Visual Identity
  • Social media Assets
  • Merchandise
  • Posters
  • Web Store
I love cars, and I have a huge appreciation for motorsport, so why not make some art to share with the car community?
Ash Vadolia

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