Brand identity
Photo credits: Clearpath Robotics

brand identity

2 weeks

Skills practiced:
brand strategy / brand identity / logo design / website design / art direction

Coffees consumed:

A software developer set on bridging the gap between humans and robots in the workplace.

The Problem

At about 2 years into their growth, the business was building up their marketing strategy and their brand had very little in terms of visual assets to be used across marketing material. The founder had also been developing the company’s mission at the time that the original logo was created.

The Solution

I was brought on board for the development of marketing material but after a strategy session, we worked out that a visual refresh of the brand and a new website were necessary to get the company back on track with building a public image.


Chironix is growing at a fantastic rate and is working with some of the most advanced robots on the planet. Now with more assets and marketing material, the company is looking smarter in the eye of the public and their clientele.

Photo credits: Equipment World
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