G&M Industries

Brand identity

brand identity

2 weeks

Skills practiced:
brand strategy / logo design

Coffees consumed:

The parent company to multiple children of environmentally-friendly construction materials.

The Problem

G&M Industries was founded on a few core values. Providing environmentally-friendly building materials to Australian construction companies and consumers was the business model, and they intended on building an empire across eight brands, and twelve products. Quite a few cogs were in motion by the time they approached me to work through a branding strategy.

The Solution

To build the visual brand around the founder’s vision, minimal collateral needed to be produced for the first brand. G&M Industries was the parent company to start from before moving to the child brands and different products.


G&M Industries is currently in the process of building funds to launch their first consumer building material – a recycled wall solution for flat-packed houses. They now have a brand to sell themselves against.

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