Micro Lens Consulting

Brand identity

brand identity

3 weeks

Skills practiced:
brand strategy / brand identity / logo design

Coffees consumed:

A young business consultant around to help other Perth-based small businesses.

The Problem

Micro Lens Consulting is a small-scale business consultancy. Starting from scratch, they wanted to launch their brand facing the right audience. I was approached to create a logo and a set of business cards, but after a simple discovery session, we came to the conclusion that the company could speak to it’s customers better with more than that.

The Solution

The solution to reaching their ideal customers would be a marketing strategy, to place adverts in the right places, an online presence of any kind, and visual identity to tie it all together.


I was responsible for the visual elements of the brand. The name of the brand came from the metaphor of focusing closely on a single client at a time. An abbreviation of that name was a choice made to help readability at a small scale. The squares represent the core business values, and set the mark to launch off any other visual elements. The business is still operating at a small scale.

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